Taxation Services

Kochar Group is a hub of professional tax planners and tax consultants offering a range of taxation services for small businesses and giant corporations. Our professionals specialize and excel in tax planning and management advisory services. Our income tax return and service tax return services are end-to-end taxation solutions for individuals. We are a reliable service tax planner for senior executives and corporate professionals. Our growing client base and their satisfaction bear out to our distinction of being an efficient tax planning and management solution provider.

Taxation is a dynamic part of financial planning and management. It is a most complex part of corporate financial portfolios. Analysis, innovation and efficiency are our approaches to planning and managing taxation for our clients from different walks of life.

At Kochar Group, we are familiar with the income tax laws, corporate tax laws, service tax laws, business tax laws and others. Our in-depth knowledge of the tax laws is the base of the taxation services that we provide as 100% reliable solutions.

Tax planning is a long-term consideration. We evaluate the future impact of current tax planning on the financial portfolio of businesses, and individual credit profiles. Our chartered accountants and their insight into the future scenario of tax in India play instrumental in the evaluation of taxation.

Every case of tax planning and management is unique and different. We deal with every client and every case with individual attention to their present and future profiles. Our services are fair practices in compliance with the taxation laws to make tax efficient portfolios for companies and individuals.

At Kochar Group, the tax planning service is aimed to make sure that our clients pay the only taxes that they owe to the Government, not more than the necessary. We strive to keep their profitable activities tax efficient with our tax saving solutions.

We help individuals and businesses save on both direct and indirect taxes, too. Our innovative tax-saving strategies help keep their tax liability as low as possible within the purview of the law. We also help with income tax returns, TDS returns and service tax returns.

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