About Us

The world has become a global village with various geographic markets accessible and the resources available. India, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, is an integral part of the global markets in finance and real estate. The finance and real estate industries are leaping to a new height on the global fronts every year. Kochar Group, a leading financial services provider and real estate developer, is on the vertical move to catch on to the global market heights.

Kochar Group, based out of Kolkata in India, specializes in offering finance management advisory services and real estate development services with business excellence as well as corporate professionalism. We provide cutting-edge financial solutions such as finance management, corporate lending, commercial trading, wealth distribution, etc. and work on multi-tier real estate development projects. Since we got a foothold in the industry, we have been brainstorming, innovating, strategizing and implementing the best to achieve our business objectives and goals.

Kochar Group is a multi-layered group of skilled professionals and industry experts with years of experience in various departments of finance advisory and real estate development services. Driven by our uncompromising professionalism, impeccable business ethics, and the vision of infinite growth and expansion beyond limits we are on a mission to achieve the distinction of being a leader in the industry. We have been implementing new-age technologies in the business operation and communication infrastructure and directing our best efforts towards infinite growth in the global corporate sector.